• Beitrag veröffentlicht:Juni 27, 2021
The official founding event will take place at the beginning of September. However, the new European Equestrian Business Association e.V. can already look forward to prominent members from a wide range of industries. With the famous eventing rider and Olympic Champion Ingrid Klimke, an internationally known and popular personality could be won for the office of EEBA President.Ingrid Klimke: “As an international athlete, I have been closely associated with many companies for a long time and know the importance of good networks and long-standing partnerships. In order to ensure that the horse industry in Europe will be well positioned in the future, I consider it fundamental to bundle competences, know-how and experience across borders”, explains Ingrid Klimke. “If we manage to think more holistically and speak with one voice, we will be able to jointly maintain our position as world market leader and trailblazer in terms of quality, ethics, animal

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