EEBA News: Interview with member German Horse Industry Consulting GmbH

  • Post published:February 1, 2022
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Reitsport Branche 02/ 2022

As an internationally known network of the German equestrian industry, what made you decide to support the EEBA as a founding member from the very beginning?

For our members, networking among themselves and a joint presence in the international market are always a major focus of the GHI cooperation. The idea of mutually benefiting from each other’s strengths and joining forces, especially in international marketing, is familiar to us and has proven its worth over many years. Against this background and the changing mar- kets and business conditions, we are convinced that a closer alliance of the industry at European level is necessary and makes sense. We are facing challenges that affect all players in the equestrian industry equally. Examples include acute issues such as the supply chain question, bottlenecks in the procurement of materials or the current freight rates. But of course, it is also about the fundamental questions of equestrian sport itself: how can we continue to inspire people for making horses part of their lives and lei- sure activities in the future, and how can we be competitive with alternative offers? We expect from the EEBA an intensive exchange among the members and above all the possibility to re- act quickly to changes in Europe. All this will contribute to a strong position of Europe in the global competition for the future.

Our schedule for 2022:
February: starting working groups, virtual and/or live, depending on the current situation.
April: Member meetings / working group meetings at EQUITANA.
July: Member meetings / working group meetings at spoga horse.
Annual full assembly expected to be held September. Further dates to be appointed.

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