European Equestrian Business Association e.V.


Achieving more together

  • Do you want to expand your individual activities in a strong association and proactively help shape your economic foundations?
  • Are you looking for solidarity and exchange with visionary experts from all sectors to strengthen your network and achieve more together?
  • Do you see the need to find joint answers to the future demands on our industry and to react quickly to current developments?
  • You are convinced that the continuous development of products, services and knowledge around the horse contributes significantly to a higher level of animal welfare and sustainability and at the same time is in the focus of the consumer? 
  • As part of an important economic factor in Europe, you want to be heard by the public and politicians and jointly influence political decisions and social discourse?
  • You value equestrian sport and horse breeding as Europe’s cultural heritage and want to maintain and promote its pioneering role?
Then become a member of Europe’s only representation of interests for the entire industry!

frequently asked questions

Is membership also possible for companies/persons from non-EU countries? membership

Membership in the European Equestrian Business Association e.V. is open to all who have their headquarters in one of the member states of the European Union, the European Economic Area, Switzerland or the United Kingdom or who can prove that they are regularly active in this region. We also deliberately include those European countries that are not part of the EU, as there have always been many cross-border partnership connections and cooperations in our industry and we support their preservation and expansion.

I am a micro-entrepreneur and have only recently started my business. Is membership still an option for me? membership

Absolutely! Our industry is diverse, both in terms of industry segments and company structures. We want to represent this diversity and give it a common voice. What all players have in common is that they live equally from and for the horse. The sustainable further development of the entire sector is our common concern!

Why yet another association? Aren't there enough stakeholders already? general

There are no associations in Germany and only a few in Europe that fully represent the horse industry in its entirety. Within Europe, the areas of breeding and sport in particular are represented and organised by various national and international sport and breeding associations. These include, for example, the European Equestrian Federation and its national representatives. Other associations and federations only represent individual market segments on a national level. We believe that the time has come for a strong European representation of interests for the entire industry!

I share the vision and goals of the EEBA. Can I also act as a passive supporter in the background? general

For all those who share the goals and visions of the association, but for personal reasons do not wish to be actively involved in the association's activities, there is the possibility to support the work of the EEBA financially through a passive supporting membership. With a freely chosen sponsorship contribution, you enable us to pursue our goals even more effectively and ensure a lasting positive influence on the development of the equine industry. It is up to you to decide whether we publicise your commitment or whether you prefer to act in the background. Our CEO Anna Lena Grytz ( will be happy to advise you on this.

our network

Membership in the European Equestrian Business Association e.V. is open to all who

  • are economically or otherwise connected to the topic of horses in the narrower and broader sense within the scope of their activities. This includes companies in industry and trade, service providers, scientists, institutions, associations and natural persons;
  • have their head office in one of the Member States of the European Union, the European Economic Area, Switzerland or the United Kingdom or have a proven record of regular activity in that region;
  • want to actively work for the interests of the industry and the promotion of its economic foundations;
  • alternatively, as a sustaining member without voting rights, would like to support the sustainable development of the equine sector.