European Equestrian Business Association e.V.

the association

The EEBA European Equestrian Business Association e.V. is a party-politically neutral, voluntary and independent representation of interests for all those at European level who are economically or otherwise connected to the horse as part of their activities.

The EEBA has set itself the goal of giving the economic factor of the horse in Europe a common voice vis-à-vis the public and politics. In doing so, it supports networking and cooperation between the various branches of the industry, promotes the development of European quality criteria and advocates a sustainable future development of the entire sector.

The EEBA and its members always assume responsibility for the welfare of the horses in their care with their diverse functions as partners of humans in leisure to top-class sport, in therapy or professional use. The members are committed to a way of keeping horses, caring for them, training and asking for their performance that is appropriate for the horses’ species. With their activities the members contribute, directly or indirectly, to a sustainable and positive development of the living environments of all horses in awareness of their mutual dependence.

The EEBA operates selflessly and does not primarily pursue ist own economic purposes.

contact persons

Dr. Matthias Baumann

President EEBA

Fachtierarzt für Pferde,
Gutachter für „Pferdesportwesen“ IHK München


Stefan Schwanbeck

Executive Board Member & 1st Chairman

CEO USG United Sportproducts Germany GmbH,
CMO Georg Kieffer Sattlerwarenfabrik GmbH


Heidrun Weitz

Executive Board Member

Architektin Dipl.-Ing. WP Architektur für den Pferdesport


Frank Weißkirchen

Executive Board Member

Owner / Manager of Isselhook Stud


EEBA Office
Dominique von Lossow

Businesswoman / Owner of B.POWER Callcenter

member's comments

"As an international athlete, I have been closely associated with many companies for a long time and know the importance of good networks and long-standing partnerships. In order to ensure that the horse industry in Europe will bewell positioned in the future, I consider it fundamental to bundle competences, know-how and experience across borders”, explains Ingrid Klimke. “If we manage to think more holistically and speak with one voice, we will be able to jointly maintain ourposition as world market leader and trailblazer in terms of quality, ethics, animal welfare and sustainability in the decades to come. The formation of the EEBA fills a void for our industry, and I'm thrilled to be able to help guide the association as president.”

Ingrid Klimke president EEBA

“The fact that we are receiving so much po-sitive feedback on the establishment of a European trade association for the equine industry is a clear signal that we have hit a gap that will now be filled. I am very much looking forward to future international collaborations!”

Stefan Schwanbeck Managing Director USG and Kieffer, initiator EEBA

“Due to the Brexit and the resulting reorien-tation of the European horse industry, I welcome the foundation of the European Equestrian Business Association e.V. and see many interests represented for the future. In particular, the bundling of different areas of the equine industry such as the feed andaccessory industry, horse farm construction and equipment, breeding and sport but also science and international training are forward-looking, because only a joint appearance demonstrates the solidarity and strength in the industry.”

Dr. Dirk Winter professor of Equine Management at Nürtingen University

“Europe is a leader in the global equestrian business. In order to maintain this status and to be able to master future challenges - be it epidemics, animal welfare issues or competition with other sports - I believe the time has come for an interdisciplinary industry network. Promoting the trust of our customers and sending strong “pro-horse” signals to politicians and the public will be most successful when acting as a group."

Christina Uetz Event Director EQUITANA

”As a manufacturer ofairbags for riders, EQUIAIRBAG's focus is on increasing the level of safety in equestrian sports. The EEBA industry network will contribute to and improve safety in equestrian sports. A higher level of safety will make the sport attractive to more people and increase the market potential for us. That is why the EEBA has ourfull support.”

Fabio Colombo EQUIAIRBAG, Italy

“We see a great need among our customers for easy-to-understand guidance on roughage quality and are convinced that it can best be created in close cooperation with other experts fromour industry. The EEBA provides the ideal framework for this.”

Guido Schmitz owner Burdorf Landmaschinen GmbH und Co.KG

“The global world is moving closer together every day, consumer demands are growing, and questions about safety, reliable test seals, but also supply chains and sustainability are getting louder. Addressing these together and speaking with one European voice for everything that makes equestrianism and the horse so unique is a milestone for all horse lovers - even beyond European borders.”

Jan Tönjes Editor-in-Chief of the equestrian magazine St.GEORG:

“We support the formation of the EEBA as it gives us an ideal framework to share and collaborate with people who care about horses in a similar way to us.Joining forces means achieving more together and advancing the causes of our industry faster.”

Heinrich Eggersmann Managing Director of Heinrich Eggersmann Futtermittelwerke GmbH