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Reitsport Branche 12/2022

The European Equestrian Business Association represents the interests of all those who are economically or otherwise connected with the horse as part of their activities. And with almost 900,000 people in Europe, there are really many of them…

„The equestrian sports industry is characterised by its diversity in corporate structures,“ describes Anna Lena Grytz and continues: „In addition to major global players, there are many medium-sized companies or individual entrepreneurs who produce and generate their livelihood in the equestrian sports industry. In addition, service providers related to the horse also play a very important role in this sector. Whether established market leader, trusted traditional brand or innovative start-up, whether breeder or trainer, veterinarian or blacksmith, everyone who earns money with horses finds their place in the EEBA and benefits from customised memberships including staggered annual fees.“


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