Experience horse places in Germany

  • Post published:April 27, 2023
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From September 8 to October 8, 2023, Pferdeland Deutschland will be showing what it has to offer. in a virtual calendar, all horse-related events will be displayed on a map and in a calendar – with their pictures or logos. In this way, people interested in horses can see Germany-wide event offerings at a glance on a single platform.
The different horse regions of the ” Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Deutschland zu Pferd ” would like to inspire in this way people for vacations and/or for an excursion all about the horse and share with them the variety of the tourist offers. The companies and associations become organizers and show the beauty of their regions to the guests. Be it riding, driving, hiking with horses or courses/seminars with horses, but also horse events for day and overnight guests – there are many possibilities to experience horses on site.
All those who would like to participate in the large nationwide campaign are invited to enter their event on the website now: https://pferdeorte-erleben.de/veranstaltung-anmeldung. Show your club or business with its events and activities as part of the wonderful horse places in Germany!