Public relations work

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We speak with one voice across all disciplines and across Europe! As a competent contact partner, we influence the public and political perception of our sector, provide reliable information and give consumers guidance. We are a visible contact at events, trade fairs and in the media. Thanks to our internal network, we react quickly to current developments in the interest of the equine sector as a whole.

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  1. annalena.grytz

    In a survey of EEBA members, public relations was identified as one of the most important current issues. The question of how a positive perception of equestrian sport can be supported in the public and in politics, and how future generations can also be inspired to spend their leisure time with horses, is considered to be of decisive importance for shaping the future of our industry. If you are personally interested in getting involved in this or other topics of our Expert Panels, we look forward to hearing from you and to a further exchange!

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