Coho, the first smart camera dedicated to horse health, finalizes a fundraising of €600,000 supported by Coopventure

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Coho (, is an application that works in conjunction with a 3G/4G connected camera that allows the owner, wherever he is, to monitor the safety, health and performance of his horse. The camera being nomadic, it can be used wired or battery-powered anywhere in Europe.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and various sensors embedded in the camera combined with a smartphone application, Coho offers a complete solution for monitoring the horse 24 hours a day: box temperature, door opening, photo/video on demand, Timelapse for the behavior of the horse, time budget and alerts in case of risky situations (horse lying down too long, alternating standing up lying down…).

“By carrying out this fundraiser, we will be able to offer Coho to as many horse owners in Europe as possible looking for a solution to anticipate their horse’s health problems, maximize their performance and be reassured about safety. Animalinks is thus positioned as the leader in horse monitoring by offering reliable, objective data validated by research partners and veterinarians.By integrating CoopVenture into its capital, an evergreen-type fund investing in ethical companies, Coho is continuing its development by committing to developing employment in the region while integrating employees into the governance of the company,” says Sébastien Dubois, founder and president of Animalinks, the proposed Coho company.

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Press contact
Coho: – Tel: 06 08 72 09 07
Coopventure: Shadow communication agency for CG Scop
Nina Djitli Chaumont – – 06 62 94 86 84
Karima Doukkali – – 07 77 36 64 10
Aurélie Vinzent – – 06 58 66 80 49

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