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  • Post published:November 18, 2022
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We are looking for a mentor/advisor that would have the possibility to join us as co-owner at later stage from equine background:


StepUp Horse is Copenhagen-based startup company, with an office located in the capital of Denmark.


We are building a wearable device to remove the guesswork for racehorse trainers/riders during training and take better decisions. We develop a wearable device made to continuously measure and monitor breathing, heart rate and other parameters in real-time during the training, which helps trainers & owners of racehorses to know their horse’s physical condition better, leading to higher performance and lower risk of injuries.

We have already receive capital from 3 soft funding sources and are launching our pilot product in the upcoming weeks.

We’re a team of 6 international people covering a wide range of competencies.



A passion for horses? 


We are looking for a mentor/advisor that would have the possibility to join us as co-owner at later stage from equine background only, to join our team in Denmark.

You will have important responsibilities and work directly on building a better product for professional trainers from horse racing industry. You will be working directly with the CEO who has a business development background, and the CTO, an engineer specialized in wearable development. We already have significant traction, and now need a person to support us in our business & product development.




  • Work 3-4 hours every week at start as advisor / mentor and if in future you officially join the team then 8-10 hours every week
  • Already have a network within the equine industry and continue growing it
  • Test the product and give feedback to team on how to improve it further
  • Consistently test the product with your network and give feedback to the team
  • Give inputs for the marketing & sales strategy, growth and overall success of our company.
  • Participate in company events on ground 
  • Entrepreneur mindset
  • Contribute to onboard key personal and investors
  • Work with the co-founders to prioritize the technical roadmap in line with the company- & financial roadmap
  • Build and drive the company’s strategy while achieving financial company’s goals.


Must have:

  • Have experience in building or scaling business in the equine industry.
  • You are a professional trainer / rider or owner of a professional horse.
  • You know the equine market & industry very well.


The position at the beginning is equity-based once you join the team officially as co-owner and later a mix of salary + equity as company grows.


More about us: or please write to us on for more information or questions.



Please Note: Only apply, if you are owner of professional horse or you are a professional trainer or rider from the equine industry.